Sad Song Demos

by On Thursday We Leave

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released December 18, 2013



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On Thursday We Leave Dothan, Alabama

Space colonists from Pilgrim I, Earth's first spaceship to colonize the outer regions, have spent 30 years in their new home.

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Track Name: Slater Rides The Longboard
What you thought were flowers are only weeds growing in your garden and that beautiful bouquet is withering in her hands. There's no hope to save all the seeds you've planted when they've been buried in barren, broken soil. It's all dying it's all dried up. Your mind it's flooded with nothing and there is nothing. You won't grow you can't grow why won't you grow you left me alone to reap what I sew this is pointless, what's left is nothing and there is nothing. You won't grow why won't you grow? You left me alone, where did you go?
Track Name: Anxiety
I'm holding my breath in this room sunk in by these leaking pipes they never let me sleep, they never let me sleep, they never let me sleep. Don't open the door don't flood the rest I need to be alone to sort out this mess. It isn't time to pull the plug on all of this I need to fix these leaks. Even if it's washed down the drain won't there still be water stains? Wet corners growing mold? It's not the same or dry it off to mop it up. I'm floating to the dealing my lungs are pressed for time, to mend the breaks to find what leaks to fix me and what I think. I've drowned myself in me. I'm the room I'm the leaking pipe I'm drowning I'm the room I'm the leaking pipe I'm drowning I'm the room I'm the leaking pipe I'm drowning
Track Name: Reflections
I'm living through a passenger window watching the streets roll by. I'm living from a borrowed suitcase the clothes on my back aren't mine. We're all dying in fist full at a time, I'm reciting these tired lines they're all lies. Like winter to the fallen leaves my thoughts leave me with twisted sheets, ones that tell of my fears of uncertainties of me who I am and what I'll be if I'll move on or just be a change in scenery. And what part of my skin is shed and left behind this season and what will take its place? Can I fight this change or is there no point? Is this what I'm destined to be? Maybe I won't know but for now my eyes are on my reflection times not on my side I'll wait and see.